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Superheroes make people happy. Dancing makes people happy. DJs make people dance and therefore, DJs are kind of like superheroes. Real-life champions of fun and colour fighting the evils of a stagnant and danceless world. Even a DJ like the mighty FEATURECAST – renowned as one of the premiere dancefloor heroes on the planet – needs help from his friends to help him battle the tyranny of sonic monotony of from time to time. On his Shout It Out Remixes, Featurecast has assembled a diverse, powerful array of allies to help re-imagine half a dozen of the tracks from 2016’s full-length album Shout It Out.

Calgary glitch-funk lord DEFUNK shows up to help rework the hip-hop banger “Addicted (feat. D’Fro),” reinforcing the groove with his powerful metallic groove shield.

Apparently, Featurecast wanted some help with destabilizing the audience so he got AHEE, the earthquake-inducing phenom from LA, to help him lay down some earth-shattering bass noise on “Move” that’ll keep even the most resistant dancers off their toes.

UK garage/drum ‘n’ bass duo INAPT join the team as they remix the blistering “999,” turning into a furiously driving house tune that one can only image is the sound that ones hears whilst being teleported between dimensions.

Sometimes things get too hot and that’s when you need someone to cool the situation down. Just call on Edmonton ice-man and purveyor of all things cool, FLAVOURS. His cooling yet oddly warm touch, combined with the funky bass-base Featurecast has already laid on “Get On Through (feat. D’Fro & Greg Blackman)” make for an especially deft groover of a hip-hop track.

Funky hip-hop gets another rework and a huge blast of rocket fuel from WBBL, the UK master of wobbly-house fire, on “What You Want (feat. Pugz Atoms, Wes Restless & Ill Legit),” a remix so hot and fiery it will surely burn the vile enemies of dance!

Rounding out this crew of dancefloor protectors helping Featurecast do the Big Work is Latvian disco-glitch monster DUB:RA, reworking “Take It Down Low,” his complimenting the sasquatch-stomp of Featurecast’s original.

The Shout It Out Remixes is a powerfully diverse whole, each track uniquely funky and ready to help fight back against the scourge of dance floor stagnancy, wherever it may threaten the party!

– Blake Morneau, Rags Music

Release Date: April 14, 2017 | Jalapeno Records JAL 242

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“Great remix Ep! Definitely playing these out!”

“Nice selections – as usual Flavours leads the pack with a close second from Defunk. all sounding nice and funky for the floor.”

Featurecast Shout It Out Remixes Feedback

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Featurecast’s Shout It Out LP came out one year ago almost to the day, so it was a surprise when this nifty remix compilation landed on our charts this morning! But, this is dance music, and the only rule is that there are no rules. Funnily enough, this is a rule that runs true even in terms of the sounds put together right here, and there’s a few too many of them for us to categorise the EP under one genre banner. To give you a taste of the content, Ahee’s remix of “Move” is a cut-up technoid bullet with gnarly injections of menacing wobble bass, whereas Inapt’s grizzly take on “999” gives the term ‘bassline house’ an innovative new meaning, and Dub:ra’s version of “Take It Down” steps into the darker and more unexpected world of electro-house, served up through a contemporary EDM filter.



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